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Roger Erik Tinch
Roger Erik Tinch

Austin, TX

Designer for movie brands.

branding, design for mobile, design for web, design systems

  1. Food & Drink Icons drinks food branding vector alamo drafthouse icons
  2. NEON Website 2020 web design responsive mobile web webflow design system branding movies
  3. Alamo Drafthouse Mobile App app ios movies design system mobile app ux ui alamo drafthouse
  4. The New Drafthouse.com web design ux design branding design system alamo drafthouse movies
  5. Custom Preshow Illustration vector branding illustration design system alamo drafthouse movies
  6. The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 2017 board game product page ecommerce web design movies
  7. Kane Dies "K" mark politics vector logo branding movies
  8. The Face illustration vector branding logo
  9. Kane Dies Logo politics typography movies logo
  10. American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) Logo vector 2012 typography branding alamo drafthouse movies logo
  11. The Overlook Hotel web design 2012 pixar lee unkrich theme tumblr the shining movies branding
  12. CineFile 2008 - Issue 3 2008 art director las vegas film festival movies magazine print branding
  13. "Frank Booth Has A Posse" Sticker 2007 illustration print dennis hopper cinevegas movies
  14. CineSlots App 2009 app ui cinevegas ux logo branding skeumorphic film festival las vegas slot machine ios 3 ios movies
  15. CineSlots App Icons 2009 film festival cinevegas icon set vector las vegas flat app ios 3 icon ios branding movies
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